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As a direct response to customer feedback and requirements in the field BioChek became aware of the instant and rapid response nature of the swine laboratories. Often sample sets would be received varying in number from 5 – 10 samples which require quick analysis and reporting. The lab technician would select two strips from a plate and run the test leaving the remainder of the plate and kit in the fridge. This could happen randomly once per day or per week. By using the new two plate kit format the kit will be not be compromised in its stability when numerous runs are performed since the reagents will be less exposed to room temperature conditions.

• 180 test kit format on strip plate for low volume frequent sample testing
• Handy smaller sized kit packaging for low cold storage space
• Kit controls capable volume for 14 x assay testing
• One year expiry as per 5 plate kit

The BioChek 2 plate kits are available in the following products:

• CSFV (SK106-2)
• Hps (OppA) (SK104)
• Mhyo (SK108-2)
• PCV2 (SK105-2)
• PRRSV (SK103-2)
• PRVg1 (SK102-2)
• PRVgB (SK109-2)

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