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Join our Lab Trainings and learn more about ELISA and PCR!

BioChek organizes open Lab Trainings for ELISA and/or PCR all over the world. The BioChek Lab training is meant for laboratory technicians using BioChek ELISA and/or PCR kits. Contact us for further details on the training and the next available dates and locations.

What you’ll focus on during a BioChek Lab Training:


  • Pipetting technique
  • Accuracy of results
  • Equipment maintenance
  • The use of the BioChek II software (both ELISA and PCR)
  • Interpretation of BioChek ELISA/PCR results
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ELISA Training
Training will be focused around practical application of the BioChek ELISA as well as an understanding of the BioChek II Software and the BioChek ELISA Assay Robot (BEAR) for getting accurate and precise results. In addition, a theoretical overview of all methodologies and equipment will be taught in providing a base understanding.

PCR Training
During this training, the theory of PCR testing and its practical application will be discussed. Our Molecular Diagnostics Specialist will bring you up to date on all aspects of testing, labs and equipment as well as the understanding of the BioChek II Software for PCR.

Read what our customers say about our lab trainings

I would recommend this training for everyone who is involved in veterinary diagnostics and uses ELISA and/or PCR test kits.

Geraldine BornholdtNoack & Co. GmbH

The interaction between the participants is fun. It is a great initiative of BioChek.

Boštjan FlajnikVeterinary Faculty of the University Ljubljana

I thoroughly enjoyed the Biochek training. All aspects covered were beneficial to me and the work I carry out.

Hollie McCobbSt David's Laboratory Services

You may consider extending the training sessions for an extra day to go deep in your provided software features.

Baraa Al BaroudiPure Breed Poultry Company