More than expert in poultry diagnostics

With 20 years experience in Poultry diagnostics, we are THE expert in the diagnostic monitoring of Poultry diseases. BioChek utilizes state-of-the-art products and systems to monitor and optimize the health of poultry, anywhere around the world.

The complete package of BioChek offers a tailor-made advanced diagnostic service. It includes:

  • Diagnostic ELISA and PCR tests
  • Reference controls for ELISA and standards for PCR tests
  • User friendly BioChek Monitoring Software package for easy data management, for 24/7 access to completed results.
  • Automated diagnostics: BioChek ELISA Assay Robot (BEAR)

About our Poultry ELISA tests

Easy to use

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Most kits run on the same protocol
  • Easy identifiable reagents due to color coating
  • Pre-diluted controls
  • Short incubation times


  • All BioChek ELISA test kits undergo strict validation procedures prior to batch release
  • Include reference controls to ensure accuracy and precision (reliable) of test results
  • Good product availability

About our Poultry PCR tests

Easy to use

  • All BioChek PCR test kits use the same protocol: all different assays can be run simultaneously
  • Easy-to-prepare Reaction Mix


  • All BioChek PCR assays undergo strict validation procedures prior to batch release
  • Standards are available for quantification of pathogen load

BioChek Monitoring Software

BioChek Software stores results and flock/herd information in an online database, allowing users to manage ELISA and PCR results effectively. A variety of reports are available to manage and analyse data such as:

Advantages for ELISA

  • Vaccination Date Prediction
  • Multiple results on one page
  • Automated Validated Results
  • Farm histogram
  • Trend report
  • Control tracking

Advantages for PCR

  • Run PCR, sample set-up, data collection/analysis and reporting in one single software program. The BioChek Software makes paperwork obsolete
  • Generate standardized reports for PCR and ELISA tests kits side by side: one single database includes both ELISA and PCR test results
  • Interface between most commonly used thermocyclers and BioChek Software
General diseases
Respiratory tract diseases
Digestive tract diseases

General diseases
Respiratory tract diseases
Digestive tract diseases
ALV (ag) - Avian Leukosis Virus Antigen ELISA
CAstV Gp B - Chicken Astrovirus Group B ELISA
BLS - Big Liver and Spleen Disease ELISA
REV - Reticuloendotheliosis Virus ELISA
AE - Avian Encephalomyelitis ELISA
IBD - Infectious Bursal Disease Virus ELISA
EDS - Egg Drop Syndrome Virus ELISA
NDV-F - Newcastle Disease Virus – Fusion Protein ELISA
Mg/Ms - Mycoplasma gallisepticum – synoviae Combined ELISA
InfA PCR - Multispecies Influenza A PCR
NDV PCR - Newcastle Disease Virus Multiplex PCR
Mg-Ms PCR - Vetproof SL Mycoplasma PCR
InfA Multi - Multispecies Influenza Type A ELISA
AI (ag) - Avian Influenza Antigen ELISA
Mg - Mycoplasma gallisepticum ELISA
ILT - Infectious Laryngotracheitis ELISA
AI - Avian Influenza ELISA
IBV - Infectious Bronchitis Virus ELISA
NDV - Newcastle Disease Virus ELISA
Ms - Mycoplasma synoviae ELISA
Mm - Mycoplasma meleagridis ELISA
ORT - Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale ELISA
Salmonella PCR - Multispecies Salmonella spp PCR
Campy PCR - Multispecies Campylobacter Multiplex PCR
Spp-Se-St PCR - Salmonella spp, Salmonella enteritidis & Salmonella typhimurium PCR
Salm Gp B/D - Salmonella Group B and D ELISA
FAdV - Fowl Adenovirus Group 1 ELISA
CAV - Chicken Anemia Virus ELISA
Salm Gp B - Salmonella Group B ELISA
Salm Gp D - Salmonella Group D ELISA
REO - Avian Reovirus ELISA