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One ELISA to detect antibodies against all serotypes of Avian Reovirus in both vaccinated and non-vaccinated flocks.

The strong kit consistency over different batches together with the use of reference controls ensure reliable and reproducible results which are vital for successful interpretation of results in an environment where it is important to differentiate between vaccine induced antibodies and field infections.

The Avian Reovirus Antibody test kit will measure the amount of antibodies to the Avian Reovirus in the serum of chickens.

The REO Antibody test kit is used for:

  • Screening for field infections
  • Monitoring success of vaccination
Species: Poultry
Catalogue number: CK110 REO
Classification: Antibody test
Technique: Indirect ELISA
Intended use: To detect antibodies to REO virus in chickens
Kit format: Plates per kit: 5
Maximum sample size: 460
Run at room temperature
Incubation times: 30-30-15
Read at 405 NM
1:500 dilution
Data pack available: Upon request
USDA Licensed Yes
Reference controls: Available, see accessories list

Guidelines for Interpretation available for most common vaccination programs with conventional and recombinant vaccines , please ask your BioChek representative for details.
One of the biggest challenges when monitoring for certain diseases or when checking vaccination responses is to give meaning to the titers that appear from diagnostic tests.
Titers can be expected to be positive due to vaccines used, presence of the pathogen or a combination of both.
Therefor, monitoring for a certain disease challenge and/or vaccination response can be hard since these titer ranges are often unknown when setting up a monitoring program.

BioChek developed interpretation guidelines to help with negative flock screening and common live and/or inactivated vaccination programs. These guidelines are based upon results obtained form the field and are of great value for and highly appreciated by customers around the globe.
Over time the baseline ranges can be narrowed and/or adapted according to local situation.

It’s not always feasible to take immediate actions after obtaining a reliable result outside the expected titer range.
Analysis over time is important, but can be challenging. The BioChek II Software is a one-off monitoring system allowing for safe (online) storing of data. Reporting in various understandable graphic formats makes analysis of obtained results over a longer period easy.
With the BioChek II Software it’s possible to undertake appropriate actions to improve and maintain a good flock health status.