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Food Safety PCR

BioChek Food Safety PCR is designed and validated to rapidly, accurately and efficiently detect pathogens in a wide range of feed, food, primary production and environmental samples.

Cost-efficient rapid testing
Our PCR workflows are aimed at efficiently screening within 24 hours after sample reception:

  1. Single overnight sample culture enrichment step
  2. Straightforward and scalable extraction of DNA
  3. Real-time PCR of target pathogen DNA

Accurate target detection using a universal protocol
Single or multiple pathogen DNAs will be detected using target-specific primers and fluoroscent dye-labeled probes, detected in a designated channel on a real-time PCR thermocycler. BioChek PCR tests share a universal thermocycler protocol, enabling the simultaneous detection of different pathogens in a single PCR run.

Broad thermocycler and extraction method compatibility
BioChek PCR test kits have been validated for use with a variety of thermocyclers (e.g. Applied Biosystems® 7500, Bio-Rad CFX96TM, Roche LightCycler® 480), and can be run on any thermocyler detecting BioChek test-specific fluorescent dyes.
DNA can be extracted from sample enrichments using BioChek Lysis Buffer A protocols, and other commercially available manual or automated nucleic acids extraction methods.

Reliable test results and proven performance
Each PCR test contains negative and positive controls to safeguard PCR assay validity, and an internal control to prevent false negative results due to PCR inhibition. Our DNA extraction and PCR workflows have been ISO 16140 validated (AFNOR) and (interim) approved (NPIP) against the appropriate microbiology reference methods.

For more information, download our PCR e-book.

Salmonella Species DNA Test Kit
Salmonella Species-Enteritidis-Typhimurium DNA Test Kit