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foodproof RoboPrep® 32

– Automated high purity nucleic acid extraction

The foodproof RoboPrep 32 is perfect for labs with low to medium sample throughput allowing the automated extraction of up to 32 samples simultaneously. Despite being small and economic, the RoboPrep 32 offers the full spectrum in terms of efficiency and convenience. Nucleic acid extraction with magnetic beads is combined with heating blocks enhancing sample lysis and elution. The result is highly purified DNA / RNA, free of inhibitory components, which can be directly used for PCR assays.

The foodproof RoboPrep 32 is optimized for foodproof Magnetic Preparation Kits, however, any other kind of protocol can be easily implemented via the intuitive touch display of the device.


  • Low / medium throughput automation
  • Extract nucleic acids from up to 32 samples in less than one hour
  • Flexible – Open platform, customizable protocols, easy-to-learn application
  • Compact – Fits comfortably into every lab space