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More than expert in swine diagnostics

With 20 years’ experience in diagnostics, we are experts in the diagnostic monitoring of Swine diseases. BioChek utilizes state-of-the-art products and systems to monitor and optimize the health of swine, anywhere around the world.

The complete package of BioChek offers a tailor-made advanced diagnostic service. It includes:

  • Diagnostic ELISA and PCR tests
  • Reference controls for ELISA and standards for PCR tests
  • User friendly BioChek Monitoring Software package for easy data management, for 24/7 access to completed results.
  • Automated diagnostics: BioChek ELISA Assay Robot (BEAR)

About our Swine ELISA tests

Easy to use

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Most kits run on the same protocol
  • Color coded reagents
  • Pre-diluted controls
  • Short incubation times


  • All BioChek ELISA test kits undergo strict validation procedures prior to batch release
  • Include reference controls to ensure accuracy, precision and reproducibility of test results
  • Good product availability

About our Swine PCR tests

Easy to use

  • All BioChek qPCR test kits use the same protocol: all different assays can be run simultaneously
  • Easy-to-prepare Reaction Mix


  • All BioChek qPCR assays undergo strict validation procedures prior to batch release
  • Standards are available for quantification of pathogen load

BioChek Monitoring Software

BioChek Software stores results and herd information in an online database, allowing users to manage ELISA and PCR results effectively. A variety of reports are available to manage and analyse data such as:

Advantages for ELISA

  • Multiple results on one page
  • Automated Validated Results
  • Farm histogram
  • Trend report
  • Control tracking

Advantages for PCR

  • Run PCR, sample set-up, data collection/analysis and reporting in one single software program. The BioChek Software makes paperwork obsolete
  • Generate standardized reports for qPCR and ELISA tests kits side by side: one single database includes both ELISA and PCR test results
  • Interface between most commonly used thermocyclers and BioChek Software
Our software
General diseases
Respiratory tract diseases
Digestive tract diseases

General diseases
Respiratory tract diseases
Digestive tract diseases
PRVgB - Aujeszky gB (Pseudorabies Virus) ELISA
CSF - Classical Swine Fever Virus ELISA
PRVg1 - Aujeszky’s disease glycoprotein 1 ELISA
vetproof® African Swine Fever Virus qPCR LyoKit PCR
PRRS XR - Porcine Respiratory Reproductive Syndrome Ab Test Kit ELISA
InfA Multi - Multispecies Influenza A ELISA
InfA PCR - Multispecies Influenza A PCR
App PCR - Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Multiplex PCR
Hps PCR - Haemophilus parasuis Multiplex PCR
Myco PCR - Mycoplasma Multiplex PCR
PCV2 PCR - Porcine Circovirus type 2 PCR
Mhyo - Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae ELISA
PCV2 - Porcine Circovirus type 2 ELISA
Hps - Haemophilus parasuis ELISA
Salm Gp B/C1/D - Salmonella group B, C1 and D ELISA