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Highly sensitive ELISA for the detection of antibodies against Group III Avian Adeno virus.

The Egg Drop Syndrome Virus Antibody test kit measure the amount of antibodies to the Egg Drop Syndrome Virus (Adenovirus A) in the serum of chickens.

The EDS Antibody test kit is used for:

  • Screening for field infections
  • Monitoring success of vaccination
Species: Poultry
Catalogue number: CK112 EDS
Classification: Antibody test
Technique: Indirect ELISA
Intended use: To detect antibodies to Avian Adenovirus (EDS) in chickens
Kit format: Plates per kit: 5
Maximum sample size: 460
Run at room temperature
Incubation times: 30-30-15
Read at 405 NM
1:500 dilution
Data pack available: Upon request
Reference controls: Available, see accessories list

Guidelines for Interpretation available for negative flock screening and most common live vaccination programs, please ask your BioChek representative for details.