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An asset for our company

Dan Wilson with BioChek

Starting 18 months ago, all ELISA tests at Rose Acre Farms Laboratory have been conducted with the BioChek Elisa Assay Robot (BEAR). Dan Wilson is the poultry veterinarian at Rose Acre Farms. He considers the BEAR to be an asset for Rose Acre Farms, as it greatly helps with monitoring…

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“I certainly wouldn’t want to be without it!”

The Central Poultry Laboratory in Hardenberg is the first laboratory in the Netherlands to work with the BioChek ELISA Assay Robot (BEAR). Arnaud Plantema (CEO), Bert Brink (chief laboratory technician) and Stefan Sloots (technician) believe the BEAR is a professional asset to their laboratory. The speed, accuracy and timesavings achieved…

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