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We are delighted to share that a new pre-diluted reference control (CR100 – batch RF22) is now on stock and available for ordering. This new reference control can be used with the following ELISA kits: CAV, EDS, Salm Gp B/D/BD, ORT, CAstV and NDV-F, allowing customers to validate their runs on these assays and report results with confidence. With the addition of CR100 – RF22, our portfolio now includes a prediluted reference control solution for almost every assay.

The pre-diluted control is produced by BioChek (UK) Ltd. The reference control contains significant and known antibody levels against several avian pathogens.

In each BioChek Antibody Test Kit a Certificate of Analysis is provided, giving the actual value of control at Quality Control.

For more information and ordering, please go to Poultry ELISA accessories – BioChek, A Hygiena® Company.