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The Newcastle Disease Virus antibody detection ELISA is officially included in the OIE register as of June 3rd!
The OIE register of recognised assays provides greater transparency and clarity of the validation process, and a means for recognising those manufacturers that produce validated and certified tests in kit format.

The NDV ELISA kit is validated as fit for purpose* to detect Newcastle disease virus specific IgG antibodies in chicken sera and for the following porposes:
1. To demonstrate historical freedom from infection in a defined population (country/zone/compartment/flock)
2. To determine immune status in individual animals or populations (post-vaccination)
3. To monitor infection or disease in unvaccinated populations
4. To estimate prevalence of infection to facilitate risk analysis in non-vaccinated populations (surveys/flock health schemes/disease control)

More information can be found on the OIE website.

* ‘Fit for purpose’ means that the kit has to be validated to such a level to show that the kit’s results can be interpreted to have a defined meaning in terms of diagnosis or another biological property being examined.

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