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The BioChek Seminar held during VIV 2014 was a big succes. On Wednesday May 21st, BioChek had two sessions of 1,5 hours; one for poultry and one for swine. If you’d like to read up on the presentations given that day, please contact BioChek and we will send them to you by e-mail.

Swine presentations:

Introduction of Swine ELISA Health Monitoring System
Presented by Eric van Esch, DVM, BioChek<br
The use of Serology in Modern PRRSV Diagnostics
Presented by prof. dr. Tomasz Stadejek

Poultry presentation:

BioChek Fowl Adenovirus ELISA Kit: Experiences from the Field
Presented by Rafael Monleon, DVM, BioChek

General BioChek presentations:

About Biochek
Presented by Barend van Dam, DVM, BioChek
Short Introduction of the BioChek Software and App
Presented by Barend van Dam, DVM, BioChek

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