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All spaces for the October lab training have been filled, signing up is no longer possible. Our next training will be in Spring 2020.

The trainings will take place in Reeuwijk, the Netherlands:

The ELISA & PCR trainings will be held on October 8th – 10th, 2019.

The BioChek Lab trainings are meant for laboratory technicians using BioChek ELISA and/or PCR kits.  You can enter just the ELISA or PCR training, or choose to do both trainings.

Both trainings will be provided in English and will have a limited amount of participants per training.

► If we reach the maximum number of applications, BioChek will decide on participation based on the answers provided in the sign-up form.

More information about the BioChek Lab Training

The focus of this lab training:
  • BioChek kit handling and test protocols
  • Good Pipetting techniques
  • Accuracy and interpretation of BioChek ELISA/PCR results for poultry and swine
  • Validation of assays for reliable test results
  • Equipment usage and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting common issues in the lab
  • How to use the BioChek II software to improve your test workflow

► A detailed agenda will follow as soon as your place in training is confirmed!

Costs for participants:
  • Travel to the Netherlands (flight / car / train)
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Accommodation(see below)
  • Participants have to fly in the day before training (Monday April 8th)
  • Participants will fly out on Thursday April 11th after 15.00u
Costs covered by BioChek:
  • Local transport between:
    – Schiphol
    – Hotel in Gouda
    – BioChek
  • Lunch during the training
  • Diner after training
About the accommodation:
  • BioChek will book the hotel for you with a group reservation
  • The hotel is located in Gouda
  • Hotel costs are ± € 107,- p.p.p.n. incl. breakfast
  • Payment is at check-out

The ELISA training will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the BioChek ELISA, focusing on:

• Reagent and sample preparation
• Pipetting technique
• Validation of results using different types of reference controls
• Troubleshooting
• A demonstration of the BioChek ELISA Assay Robot (BEAR), including the ‘Beat the BEAR’ contest


We will also discuss how to use the BioChek II Software to generate reliable and accessible data, in an easy way. We will focus on:
• Automatic validation of test results
• Verify performance of the lab with control tracking reports.
• Create vaccination programs and calculate your own baselines
• How to build a Customer database with relevant customer- and flock information for more in-depth interpretation.
• Usage of Target Titers for automatic interpretation of ELISA results
• Create all different types of BioChek Reports

• Different ways to manage and share data with your customer

Training level: beginner/intermediate

PCR training


During this training, the theory of PCR testing and its practical application will be discussed. Our Molecular Diagnostics Specialist will bring you up to date on all aspects of testing:
• How to set up a qPCR lab
• How to work clean and avoid contamination
• Sample preparation and extraction
• Equipment necessary
• Curve analysis
• Troubleshooting
• How to use the BioChek software to make your qPCR workflow even better
Training level: beginner/intermediate


For more information, e-mail us at

We hope to see you in October!