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BioChek invites its customers to participate in the BioChek Ring Trial 2019 for the Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) antibody detection assay.

The Ring Trial gives BioChek customers the opportunity to check their ELISA performance by testing defined NDV-samples on the BioChek Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody test kit. You will be sent a Ring Trial Panel to be run in your lab and report the results back to BioChek. Results from all participants are gathered and presented anonymously in a concise report, allowing participants to check their accuracy and precision and compare results to other BioChek users.

Participants that pass all criteria will receive a Certificate of Achievement. In case one or more criteria haven’t been met, BioChek will offer support to improve results. The Ring Trial panel set consists of 12 vials freeze-dried serum samples, prediluted reference control CR100 (RF16) and freeze-dried reference serum CR300 (RS06).

The Ring Trial is open for all BioChek customers, but do note there is only a limited number of panels available, so make sure to register as soon as possible.

For more information and to sign up for our Ring Trial, go to our special Ring Trial page.