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BioChek is pleased to announce that we are introducing a new ELISA test kit:

The Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody Fusion Protein Test Kit (NDV-F ELISA) (CK122)

The Newcastle Disease Virus Antibody test kit (NDV-F), will measure the amount of ND vector vaccine induced antibodies to the Newcastle Disease Virus (Avian Paramyxovirus type 1). The test will determine the presence of antibodies in the serum of chickens. Serum dilution is 1:500. Test incubation is 30-30-15 minutes. Test reads at 405 nm wavelength.

The NDV-F ELISA (CK122) is recommended for use with vector vaccines.
For differentiation between vaccine response and field infection the NDV ELISA (CK116) is recommended.

It is available for sale as of today.

The datapack is available upon request.

NDV-F ELISA test kit
NDV ELISA test kit
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