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BioChek’s Chicken Anemia Virus Antibody Test Kit (CAV) is now available for direct sale in the United States. Widely used in other parts of the world, the CAV test utilizes an indirect ELISA methodology to generate semi-quantitative results in a readily available and specialized report. The test will comfortably cover live and inactivated titer levels giving positive results 10-21 days after infection or vaccination. As with other BioChek assays the CAV test is run on a variety of ELISA readers which interface with the company’s industry- leading software and the operator’s PC.

The CAV Test Kit represents an important addition to a growing and substantial list of USDA licensed test kits optimized for the avian production industry.

Earlier this year, BioChek announced the licensing and US availability of the company’s Salmonella Enteritidis-Typhimurium Antibody Test Kit (SE/ST), a unique and widely embraced test that addresses vaccine monitoring and uniformity among vaccinates. The regulatory approval of CAV makes for the 12th BioChek ELISA based licensed assay available to service the needs of the US avian market.

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