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vetproof® STM Vaccine Detection 1 Kit

Real-time PCR-kit for the identification of the live vaccine strain Salmoporc (Salmonella Typhimurium 421/125, distributed by Ceva Santé Animale, Dessau, Germany). In addition the test kit detects Salmonella spp. and S. Typhimurium (STM) field strains in a second channel, so field strains can be differentiated from the vaccination strain.

The intended use of vetproof® STM Vaccine Detection 1 Kit exclusively is the detection of the vaccine strain, detection in other channels serve for control purposes only. In cases of positive STM vaccine detection (FAM channel), the field strain assay (HEX channel) indicates whether the sample also contains a Salmonella field strain. A positive result for S. Typhimurium in melting curve analysis (ROX Channel) in combination with a positive result in the field strain channel indicates a presumed occurrence of this serotype as a field strain in the sample. This has to be confirmed by classical microbiological methods.

The Internal Control (IC, Cy5 channel) is included in the assay to rule out PCR inhibition, preventing false-negative results. A negative result in all channels with a positive internal control shows that the samples are free from all respective parameters.

vetproof® STM Vaccine Detection 1 Kit is used for:

  • Detection of Vaccine Strain Salmonella Typhimurium 421/125
  • Differentiation between vaccine and field strains
Species: Swine
Catalogue number: KIT230195 (LP), KIT230196 (RP)
Classification: PCR test
Technique: PCR
Intended use: To detect the presence or absence of Vaccine Strain Salmonella Typhimurium 421/125 in Swine
Kit format: 96 reactions
Data pack available: Upon request
Standards Available: Yes

The certificates of analysis can be found here:

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