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Salmonella PCR

A highly sensitive and specific PCR test kit test kit detecting all Salmonella species.

The Multispecies Salmonella spp. DNA test kit is a complete set of reagents which allows for the detection of all Salmonella species. The test will determine the presence and load of antigen in faecal samples, meat samples or dust samples after pre-enrichment in suitable media.

The Multispecies Salmonella spp. DNA test kit detects:

  • All Salmonella species

The Multispecies Salmonella Multiplex DNA test kit is used for:

  • The detection of infected herds or flocks
Species: Multispecies
Catalogue number: MP104
Classification: Antigen test
Technique: PCR
Intended use: To detect the presence of all salmonella species in animals
Kit format: 100 tests
Data pack available: Upon request
Standards available: Yes