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BioChek Partial Plate kit set
CR100 - Pre-diluted Reference Control
CR200 - ALV p27 Pre-diluted Reference Control
CR300 - Freeze Dried Reference Serum
CR400 - Freeze Dried Negative Reference Serum


The CR100 Pre-diluted Reference Control is a ready-to-use chicken reference serum that contains known antibody levels against several poultry pathogens.It allows users to check if the performed ELISA run is valid and to confirm quantitative reproducibility between different test runs.

Note: As this reference control is pre-diluted, it does not validate the accuracy of the dilutions made. Please check the Freed-dried Reference Serum (Product Code: CR300) for validation of the dilution made.


Product Code: CR 100   Pre-Diluted Reference Control
  Batch   ELISA
  RF19   AE, AI, ART, FAdV, IBD, IBV, ILT, Mg, Ms, Mg/Ms, NDV, REO, REV
  RF22   CAstV, CAV, EDS, NDV-F, Salm Gp B, Salm Gp D, Salm Gp B/D, ORT