BioChek Ring Trial 2018 IBD (Gumboro) Antibody Detection ELISA

BioChek customers are invited to take part in our IBD (Gumboro) Antibody Detecting ELISA Ring Trial. You will be sent a Ring Trial Panel to be run in your lab and report the results back to BioChek. An analysis of your results and a certificate will be provided upon completion.

If you want to participate, please fill out the form below. We have a limited amount of IBD Ring Trial Panels available.

For the costs of participation in the Ring Trial, please contact your local BioChek representative.
Shipment will be together with an order, if possible. Otherwise shipping costs will be charged.

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BioChek Ring Trial

Important Ring Trial Data:

  • Closing date for registration: March 2nd
  • Submission of test results: May 9th
  • Final report & certificate issued: May 21st

The Ring Trial gives BioChek customers the opportunity to check their ELISA performance by testing defined IBD-samples on the BioChek IBD antibody ELISA. Results from all participants are gathered and presented anonymously in a concise report, allowing participants to check their accuracy and precision and compare results to other BioChek users.

The Ring Trial panel set consists of 12 vials freeze-dried serum samples, prediluted reference control CR100 (RF13) and freeze-dried reference serum CR300 (RS04).