Coming Soon: PRRS RNA

This kit is not yet available but is coming soon.

A highly sensitive and specific PCR test kit for the simultaneous differentiation and quantification of type 1 (EU) and type 2 (US) Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus strains.

Porcine Respiratory Reproductive Syndrome RNA test kit is a complete set of reagents which allows for the simultaneous detection of PRRS type 1 (EU) and type 2 (US). The test will determine the presence and load of antigen in serum, oral fluids and tissues.

The PRRS RNA test kit detects:

  • All type 1 (EU) and type 2 (US) PRRS strains

The PRRS RNA test kit is used for:

  • Quantification and differentiation of viral load type1 (EU) and type 2 (US) PRRS strains
Product type:Swine
Catalogue number:SP105
Classification:Antigen test
Intended use:To detect the presence of PRRS Virus in pigs
Kit format:100 tests
Data pack available:Upon request
Standards available:Yes