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Campylobacter Coli-Jejuni-Lari DNA Test Kit
Salmonella Species DNA Test Kit
Salmonella Species-Enteritidis-Typhimurium DNA Test Kit

Campylobacter PCR

A highly sensitive and specific PCR test kit allowing simultaneous differentiation and quantification of Campylobacter Coli, Campylobacter Jejuni and/or Campylobacter Lari DNA, extracted from primary production, production environment, and food samples, including sample enrichments.

This multiplex Campylobacter DNA Test Kit is a complete set of reagents which allows for the specific detection of these Campylobacter strains. A separate, optional set of Campy PCR standards facilitates the quantification (load) of Campylobacter Coli, Jejuni and/or Lari.

The test is designed as a multiplex reaction that includes an internal inhibition control, amplified in parallel with Campylobacter target DNA, for reliable individual test results. BioChek provides additional positive and negative controls to safeguard PCR assay validity.

Catalogue number:MP103
Classification:Multiplex DNA test
Technique:Real-time PCR
Intended use:To simultaneously detect the presence of Campylobacter Coli, Campylobacter Jejuni and Campylobacter Lari in DNA extracts from animal-derived samples, production environment, feed and food, including the appropriate (e.g. ISO 10272) sample enrichments.
Kit format:100 reactions
Kit components:Fluorescent probes; PCR amplification mix; positive and negative PCR controls
Standards available:Yes, click here