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Freeze Dried Reference Serum


The BioChek reference control is positive serum with a known titer and a target range. We supply the Prediluted Reference Control (CR100) and the Freeze Dried Reference Control (CR300). The Reference Control can be used for monitoring in day-to-day ELISA testing. With it, you have continuous quality control and assurance in results.

All steps checked

The Freeze Dried Reference Serum CR300 contains significant and known antibody levels to NDV, IBV, IBD, AE, ART, CAV, FAdV and REO. By using this reference serum, all steps of the analysis, including the dilution step, are checked.


  • Treat as a serum sample
  • Also checks sample dilution procedure & pipettes

Why use the CR300?

With the CR300, BioChek ensures its customers have access to good, reliable (accurate and precise) results. It's all about adding value to test results.

I want to use the CR300 but am currently using the CR100

Let us help you with switching to the CR300! Your local BioChek representative can tell you all about the importance of good, reliable test results. The dilution is the most critical step in ELISA testing and the CR300 will help you with this. As you know, we will also offer you extended support and/or training where needed. Contact us for more information.

I would like more information as a new customer

We are happy to help out new customers with a starters package. You will receive our common reagents, the CR300 and a detailed letter explaining the importance of good, reliable results and how our freeze dried reference serum can help you with this. We will also gladly follow up your progress, as well as offer extra training and/or support if needed.

What about storage for the CR300?

The storage conditions for the CR300 are 2 - 8 °C.

The CR300 reference control remains stable when stored correctly in the original vial in the fridge.

What ELISA tests can be used with the CR300?
  • AE (CK123)
  • ART (CK120)
  • CAV (CK126)
  • FAdV (CK132)
  • IBD (CK113)
  • IBV (CK119)
  • NDV (CK116)
  • REO (CK110)




Let us help you add value to your test results!

Send us a message, or contact your local BioChek representative