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At BioChek, we are always looking for ways we can improve our service even further. What better way to do this than asking our customers!

This summer, we held our (first ever) customer satisfaction survey together with a dedicated external company. In this, we asked our customers to rate BioChek on the following aspects:

  • The quality of BioChek products
  • Which improvements could be made concerning our products
  • The quality of our services – our sales representatives, orders & logistics
  • Complaint handling
  • Our prices
  • BioChek’s image
  • The loyalty of our customers

We gained some very valuable insight through this survey thanks to the feedback from our customers. We were very happy to learn that a large majority of our customers are (exceedingly) happy with BioChek. As the most appreciated aspects of the partnership with BioChek, customers most frequently reported the good communication, good cooperation and customer focus, and technical/product support.

We now know more than ever where and how to improve both our strengths and flaws. We want to be more than just a supplier to our customers; we want and need to be their partner.

BioChek’s NPS

Our customer satisfaction survey also gave us our first Net Promoter Score (NPS). Read more about what an NPS is here [link to be included later]. We asked our customers:

‘A business associate or colleague asks you for advice. How likely is it (on a scale from 0 to 10) that you will recommend BioChek to them?’

A positive NPS (anywhere above 50%) represents a healthy balance between loyal and non-loyal customers. We are very proud to announce that the NPS for BioChek is 83!

A very warm thank you to all our customers who took their time filling out this survey. Your help and feedback are greatly appreciated!