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PRRS Assay Update for 2010 Software only

Download BioChek update Zip file
Biochek software

1. Download PPRS.zip
2. Extract contents in C:/Biochek directory
3. Start BioChek software and test will be automatically updated.

RF11 Updated Ranges for 2010 Software

Download BioChek database file
Instructions for Importing RF11 Ranges Download Instructions
Biochek software

Version Update

BioChek Software Update October 8, 2013 User Manual

CSV Installation
* Install CSV for LIMS tool
* CSV instructions

RF11 Updated Ranges for BioChek II Diagnostic Software
* Download Instructions

BioChek II software import

Import data from the old BioChek software to the new BioChek II Software here:
Import data to BioChek II software (rar file)