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BioChek is a veterinary diagnostic company that specializes in diagnostic kits for the Poultry and Swine industries. These diagnostic test kits provide information about the health status of swine herds and poultry flocks allowing producers to take corrective action when the assay(s) indicates a health problem.


BioChek was founded in 1997 and operates in most countries with a manufacturing facility in the UK, a USDA licensed facility in the US and the commercial head office in the Netherlands. A full list of our locations and distributors can be viewed by clicking here: BioChek Locations

Complete range of products

A complete range of products is offered by BioChek: from efficient and accurate diagnostic assays based on ELISA and PCR principals, a complete solution for running the assays, the BEAR (BioChek ELISA Assay Robot), a comprehensive, user friendly software package for easy data management, to mobile applications for 24/7 access to completed results.

BioChek service

BioChek has a strong reputation in service. Our technical support ensures the ease of use for veterinary laboratories and accurate test results for end users. The website offers a complete overview of BioChek products. For questions concerning these products or requests for more detailed product information such as detail aids, interpretation guides, or marketing materials, please contact your BioChek representative or BioChek headquarters.