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Jun 17, 2014

BioChek NDV ELISA included in OIE register

The Newcastle Disease Virus antibody detection ELISA is officially included in the OIE register as of June 3rd!
The OIE register of recognised assays provides greater transparency and clarity of the...
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Jun 10, 2014

BioChek VIV Seminar presentations available

The BioChek Seminar held during VIV 2014 was a big succes. On Wednesday May 21st, BioChek had two sessions of 1,5 hours; one for poultry and one for swine. If...
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  • The IBV ELISA kit will measure the amount of antibody to IBV in the serum of chickens. Microtitre plates have been pre-coated with inactivated IBV antigen. Chicken serum samples are diluted and added to the microtitre wells

    (IBV) Infectious Bronchitis Antibody Test Kit