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Poultry Swine Locations

Sep 25, 2014

BioChek Webinar now available for on-demand viewing

The popular BioChek webinar 'Fowl adenovirus: using serology to control your flocks' presented by Dr. Rafael Monleon is now available to watch on-demand. BioChek and Watt Global Media presented this...
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Jul 25, 2014

BioChek Lab Training - September 25&26 2014

A new BioChek Lab Training is coming, so sign up now! On September 25th and 26th the laboratory at our office in Reeuwijk, the Netherlands, is open for participants of...
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  • The Aujeszky gB antibody ELISA kit will measure the amount of antibody to PRVgB in the serum of pigs. Microtitre plates have been pre-coated with inactivated PRV gB. Samples taken from pigs are diluted and added to the

    (PRV gB) Aujeszky gB Antibody Test Kit

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